Children's PLUS MORE Consignment Sale
Fall-Winter September 16-19, 2023


Shop ONLINE at

on Saturday beginning at 8:00am.  

Monday & Tuesday are Discount Days where many items will be discounted until close at 11:00pm Tuesday evening

*Pick up your items at our curb-side delivery at the back (Bethel St) entrance to First United Methodist Church, 1305 S Main St Hopkinsville KY on Sunday 1-5pm

*When arriving,  park in the parking lot and walk to the double doors. Give the name used to place the order to the volunteer who will retrieve your items for you.

*All sales are FINAL once you leave. There will be a table set up to inspect your items on site. If there is an issue, please inform the staff and we will make it right! This only includes any defective, damaged, missing, or wrong items.


*I've GOT to have that! An item is confirmed as yours when you check out and get a purchase confirmation.  You may want to check out multiple times during a long shopping session

*How do I pay?  PayPal, ShopPay, GooglePay, debit, or credit cards.  Need to pay cash?  Contact us!

*Order Confirmation  During checkout you will enter an email or phone number to receive your order confirmation with the order number.  Use a phone or email address you can access.


*Girls and Boys Clothes and shoes (preemie-jr)

*Women's and Men's Clothing

*Baby Equipment

*Books, Toys, Puzzles, Games

*Home decor 

*Sports equipment...and much much more!!!

Soccer season is coming and you need new cleats but don't want to pay retail.  You look look locally online, message several sellers, are discouraged when they're unavailable.  You finally find some and agree on a time and place to meet, load up the kids, and then go wait for the seller to show up...IF they show up...

                                                                WAIT...there's a better option!

Shop over a hundred sellers at the same time and pick up everything in ONE spot at Kids Closet ONLINE!

By picking up items all at once, you are protected from the uncertainty of unknown locations, germs, and poor quality items.  The ease of online shopping has gained popularity because it is a huge timesaver for busy parents.  We are fully committed to making sure the process is as safe, enjoyable, and efficient as possible!